Corporate Philosophy

We at FLIGHT TIME, Inc. are constantly searching for new possibilities to maintain the future of the aviation industry and train future pilots. In addition to our main business, pilot training and the support of aviation study abroad, we also aim to contribute to the prosperity of the aviation maintenance industry, local communities and society.


  1. To solve social problems faced by the aviation industry
  2. To develop world-class pilots

Greetings from the President

I originally served as a submarine crew in the Maritime Self-Defense Force. After graduating from high school, I was supposed to become a pilot as an aviation student, but I was not good enough, so I joined as a general sailor. However, I could not give up my longing for the world of the sky, so I quitted the JMSDF after a while. During my service in the Maritime Self-Defense Force, I learned and experienced many things that have become the foundation of who I am today.

After leaving the JMSDF, I went to the U.S. by myself to study English while attending a language school, and was eventually able to obtain my pilot’s license.

However, although many young people who aspire to become pilots in the future have various questions such as “how can I become a pilot?”, “what kind of schools should I go to?” and “what kind of training methods do they offer?”, it is no denying that Japan fails to prepare satisfactory facilities to meet their demand and is, as a result, underdeveloped in this field. As internationalization accelerates further, the departure of talented pilots and mechanics out of the country will be a serious issue involving the bedrock of Japanese aviation industry, and I established FLIGHT TIME Corporation in the hope of doing something to help solve the shortage of pilots and mechanics.

As we continue to train many pilots, we aim to contribute to society through hands-on training and flight experience sessions for young people, and in the future, we will devote ourselves to establishing flight schools in developing countries.

Our basic policy for training pilots is based on “sociality,” “adaptability,” “judgment,” “decisiveness,” and “broad perspective,” and we are confident that these policies will lead to the “training of world-class pilots,” which is the goal of our company. We are confident that these policies will lead to the “training of world-class pilots,” which is our company’s motto.

Company Profile

Company name


Business activities

Pilot training, pilot study abroad support, domestic and international flight training, aircraft sales, aircraft import sales, aircraft maintenance and parts sales, aircraft mechanic training, language study abroad support, aviation application development, aviation system development

Date of establishment

October 30, 2020

Head Office Address

Shiodome Shibarikyu Building 21F, 1-2-3 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

|Overseas branch|

USA:7000 Merill Ave Chino CA 91710

CANADA:885 West Georgia St Suite 1500 V6C 3E8




Capital and capital reserve

151,200,000 yen

Number of employees


Main customer

  • Creative Studio GAKU Limited Liability Company
  • WordPress Rescue, Inc.
  • Felix Japan Corporation
  • Aircraft Maintenance WINGMAN
  • Japan Aircraft Pilots Association
  • Sekido Corporation
  • Sunlight Consulting Co.
  • I.F. Create Co.
  • Tokio Marine & Nichido
  • Comternal Corporation

Main Clients

  • Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
  • Pay Pay Bank
  • Rakuten Bank, Ltd.


  • TEL:03-5403-6420
  • FAX:03-5403-6421

Legal Advisor

Grace & Co.


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